(Benz) tet 24" M. Dor. (Startle X Angel’s Smile)
A 4 1/2"-5" deep blue-red with snow-white shark's teeth often extending over 1/2" in length. After we selected the wonderful SHIRLEY FARMER from about a dozen siblings, we made nearly 150 more seeds from the very difficult cross of (STARTLE X ANGEL'S SMILE). When these bloomed, WHITE FANG stood out like a beacon–there was nothing else remotely like it. Everything came together in this beauty, color, form, plant habit, and even re-bloom. Plants are medium in size, blue-green and vigorous. Scapes are fairly short at about 25", and carry 30 buds on 3-4 beautifully spaced lateral branches and a terminal bud cluster. WHITE FANG puts on quite a show in clump strength, often displaying 3-4 open blooms per scape, for that "best-in-show" trophy. Big white shark's teeth on a true red are as rare as when I first bloomed this daylily, and I still have seen nothing else like it–except for its own seedlings. The best of these surpass WHITE FANG for color and even the size of the white teeth. We now have rounder, larger, smoother reds with 3/4" white and gold teeth and roses and reds of narrow cascading form over 7" in size with edging and color like WHITE FANG. SOLD OUT