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Greetings to all our friends and customers. We have a relatively small

garden about 20 miles North of Cincinnati, where the winter temperatures can

stay below the freezing mark for 6 weeks on end, and the summer months and can provide enough heat to test the hardiest of perennials. We have little snow

protection here, and lose daylilies that survive in Minnesota and Wisconsin

due to their reliable winter blanket.

We have always selected for a total plant, with large, arching foliage,

strong straight scapes and 3-4 well-spaced branches, with a goal of 25 or

more blooms per scape. So far, we¹ve rejected the lures of greenhouse

culture, preferring to evaluate "real world" plant performance. Furthermore,

plants to be introduced are field-grown for 2 years with no winter

protection or mulch of any kind. We rely heavily on induced tetraploid

conversions of the newest and best diploids to maintain a competitive edge,

with a small northern program that requires a full two years from

pollination to bloom.

We are striving to produce true dormant tetraploid daylilies with

"state-of-the-art" beauty, that are tough enough to survive the bitter cold

freezes here, if left bare-rooted on top of the ground all winter!

Visitors are always welcome, but please call ahead to be sure we'll be here.

This summer we will certainly bloom our best seedlings yet! Come and share

the magic, and may God bless you all.

If you have any questions, please call John at (513) 489-1281

Or Email at jbenz@cinci.rr.com